About Adam

Adam Gentle’s twenty-year career has spanned the globe, where he has spent time interacting with, and working beside, people from many cultures and countries. He began his professional career when, days after graduating from high school in Essexville, Michigan, he moved to Los Angeles, California with a half-full suitcase and a few dollars in his pocket. While in L.A., Adam performed with The Young Americans—a charitable organization that fosters understanding and goodwill throughout the world through music, dance, performance, education, and cultural interaction. Years later, interested in the intersection of art and business, he joined the Broadway Asia Company, where he worked with musical theater producers in the US to adapt musicals for the Asian market.  It was through this opportunity that he served as a delegate to the International Society for the Performing Arts, the Shanghai International Arts Festival, and the Performing Arts Market in Seoul.


Adam studied at Columbia University, graduating with honors.  While there, Adam joined Columbia's Earth Institute Center for Environmental Sustainability in Amman, Jordan. It was there, working hand in hand with local leaders and scholars he explored 21st century solutions to environmental challenges.  Later, Adam graduated as a Thurgood Marshall Scholar from George Washington University Law School.


Adam has worked pro bono in D.C., where he has represented low-income renters facing unjust eviction.  As he stood by his clients’ side in court, Adam fought to keep renters in their homes and empower them with tools to effectively assert their rights in court. As an anti-corruption lawyer, Adam's legal career was focused on investigating and rooting out corruption.  With partners from his law firm, he contributed to an amicus brief on Juvenile Sentencing Reform on a case before the Supreme Court of the United States, and participated in other pro bono projects focused on protecting children.


In his personal time, Adam enjoys running to stay fit physically and mentally healthy.  Adam has previously run in the Honolulu Marathon to raise funds for AIDS Project Los Angeles.  He is currently considering a run in the Miami Marathon in 2022 – campaign schedule permitting.