the issues

Healthcare is a Human Right

The pandemic has plainly shown us the fragility of our healthcare system. Our lack of preparedness is disproportionately affecting our most vulnerable communities, particularly communities of color. As we emerge from this crisis, we must take action to secure healthcare access for all Americans. Without a single, simple solution, there is substantial work ahead, but it is some of the most important work to be done.

Adam believes:

  • Healthcare is a human right – not a privilege
  • Mental healthcare must be central to any healthcare reform plan
  • Medicare must be available to all Americans
  • We must prepare and defend against infectious disease; it’s a matter of national security
  • Robust preventative care is a smart investment; it improves our quality of life and fosters a more efficient system
  • Women have a right to quality, affordable pre and post-natal care; our future depends on it
  • We must fight to reduce our maternal and infant mortality rate, particularly in our communities of color
  • Drugs prices are out of control and regulation is needed
  • No person should be forced to choose between their medication and food
  • Healthy people create healthy democracies

Student Loan Crisis

The student debt crisis has reached $1.6 trillion and holds back millions of Americans from fully participating in our economy and crushes their ability to reach financial stability. Every American should have access to higher education without sacrificing their entire future to student loans. Borrowers deserve relief through loan cancellation to start fully participating in home ownership, saving for their future, and financial autonomy. Adam is committed to bipartisan efforts to address this issue and all options are on the table.

Adam believes:

  • We must immediately provide relief through student-debt cancellation, but that must happen in the broader context of education reform
  • We must stop the for-profit college industry and provide better alternatives to career and education pathways
  • We must eliminate predatory student lending that perpetuates racial disparities in our higher education system
  • We must enact the ability to release student debt through bankruptcy
  • Affordable education is essential to a thriving democracy

Climate Change and the Everglades

Climate change is here and disproportionately affects our most vulnerable communities costing lives and billions of dollars in economic damage.  It is the greatest global challenge of our generation. Adam understands we have the power to set bold goals to take care of our environment and preserve the earth for future generations. He supports many ideas captured in the Green New Deal, a ten-year mobilization through 2030 to achieve net-zero domestic greenhouse gas emissions.

Adam is not distracted by flashy names that over-simplify complex issues—he is committed to implementing change, and correcting our course, as fast as possible.

Adam believes:

  • The protection of our environment is a national security issue
  • The Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan (CERP) requires regular evaluation and oversight
  • A carbon tax is an excellent free market approach to mitigate greenhouse gasses
  • The development of bold initiatives like the EPA's 2030 Food Loss and Waste Reduction Goal and Green Power Partnership are important tools in our fight against climate change
  • All efforts to protect our environment should also stimulate job growth
  • It is a moral duty of a democracy to ensure that we protect our planet for future generations

Gun violence and the second amendment

Every day in the United States, more than 100 people are killed with guns and more than 230 are wounded (Everytown, 2021). Gun violence affects more than those killed or injured. Adam believes in common sense gun reform that eliminates violence and supports those who most need mental health counseling and services.

Adam believes:

  • Common sense background checks are essential
  • Red Flag laws protect people in crisis from accessing firearms
  • 14 days between purchase and pick-up would prevent impulse terror 
  • Investment in intervention based solutions is critical to help identify and de-escalate dangerous situations
  • We must double our federal investment in mental healthcare services
  • In a ban on assault weapons with high capacity magazines
  • The Founders of our nation could not have imagined the assault weapons that are legal and on the streets today

Pre-K through 12 Education

The challenges our schools faced before, during, and now as we recover from the Covid pandemic, reveal our national priorities.  The education and wellbeing of our children has been underfunded and mismanaged for decades.  The truth is, our schools provide more than education for our students.  They provide breakfast, lunch and sometimes dinner.  They provide care when our children are sick.  They are often our first chance to intervene in a mental health challenge or protect a child from abuse or neglect.  We must fund our schools so they have the resources to educate and the resources to support the full scope of care they actually provide.


Adam believes:

  • The federal government must substantially increase the financial resources made available to states for Pre-K through 12 education 
  • Because a hungry child will struggle to learn we must invest in healthy breakfast and lunch programs
  • Investment in school nurses and mental healthcare resources is critical to the wellbeing of our children
  • The needs of teachers, paraprofessionals, parents and administrators should be the focus of education policy changes
  • Overcrowding in classrooms must end so we provide a quality education and ensure the health and safety of students and faculty
  • Pay should be fair and equitable for all teachers, including those in low-income districts, to provide for and retain quality educators
  • Education begins with high quality, universal preschool for all three and four year old students regardless of income


Immigration Plan

Adam believes that the current situation at our border with Mexico shows that we need to build upon our embassies and consulates throughout the Americas to include American Migration Service Centers (AMSCs).  AMSCs would provide rapid response operations to assist immigrants locally—so they could begin their journey legally, safely and with dignity. AMSCs would provide local jobs and provide hope for those in search of opportunity.

AMSCs would prevent unmanageable migration influxes at our border and free up resources so border agents can focus on the real danger at our border—drug cartels smuggling narcotics into our country.

We expect to share our comprehensive immigration plan in the summer of 2021.


LGBTQ+ Equality for all

We expect to share more on this important issue in April